Even Cowgirls don't have to tough it out when it comes to pain!

Do you know how tough cowgirls have to be?

Really tough.... especially cowgirls in the 1800s!

Over the weekend my daughter and I visited the National Cowgirl and Hall of Fame Museum in Fort Worth. It was incredible to read about all these early cowgirls did. They really led the way for girls and women today that love all things cowgirl!

Can you imagine how tough you would have to be as a cowgirl in the 1800s? A woman that loved to shoot, bull ride, rope cattle, trick ride? That right there can be a hard life filled with a lot of hard, hard work and pain (both physical and mental). Add to that, it was a time when most things were definitely run by men and there were very specific gender "rules" about where a woman belonged and where she didn't. 

AND..... they weren't always young twenty-somethings either. There are several that were very active riders in their 50s and 60s, with one that died after being thrown from her horse at the age of 101.

You had to be tough if you were a cowgirl!

Now, let's jump back into the 21st century. Cowgirls are still tough, but you know one thing they don't have to be tough about anymore?

Pain. That's right.... they don't have to be tough when it comes to pain because now we have Magnetic Jewelry to help ease the pain that comes from a body that has been battered and bruised from all the horse riding, cattle roping, and other activities that make up the life of a cowgirl.

If you're looking for Magnetic Jewelry that will ease the pain of even the toughest cowgirl out there, take a look at Magnetic Jewelry by Beads-N-Style.

We've got Magnetic BraceletsMagnetic Necklaces, and Magnetic Rings, that will ease your pain, increase your energy, and improve your sleep.

Do you have a story of how Magnetic Jewelry has helped you so you don't have to "tough it out" with daily pain that keeps you from being active? Let me know... I love to hear your stories!

Talk to you soon!


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