Getting the most out of your magnetic jewelery

I've owned a Fitbit for several years and always liked how I could track the number of steps I take in a day and set step goals for each day.

Goals are big motivators for me, so to be able to see throughout the day how far along I am in meeting my goal really keeps me moving.

A couple of years ago, I started thinking about replacing my Fitbit with an Apple Watch. I liked how it would integrate with my iPhone and knew it had an exercise tracking app, too.

My husband bought me one for my birthday last year and I was thrilled!

But, imagine my dismay when I discovered I couldn't set goals for the number of steps I took each day! I could set other goals and I could see the number of steps taken, but I couldn't set a step goal.

However, as I looked at how the exercise tracking worked and did a little research, I discovered that it actually is better to use the goals as they are set up on the Apple Watch -- move, exercise, and stand.

While moving a certain number of steps each day is great, it is better to track with an exercise goal.

While taking steps gets us moving, it doesn't necessarily get our heart rate where it should be for the most beneficial exercise. It's not until our heart rate reaches a minimum threshold that we  really give our bodies the full benefit of exercise.

Magnetic Jewelry is similar. To be sure you are getting all the benefits of your magnetic jewelry, there are a few thing to keep in mind.

Follow these tips, and your magnetic jewelry will be the most effective for easing your pain, increasing your energy, and improving your sleep.

Tip #1 Be sure your magnetic jewelry fits snug against your skin. Not tight -- you don't want it to be uncomfortable or pinch. But, it does need to fit close and touch your skin.

Tip #2 Be sure your magnetic jewelry is at least 800 gauss. Gauss is the measurement of the magnetic strength of the item. On the Beads-N-Style website, you will always find the gauss listed in the item description. (Bonus tip - the higher the gauss number, the more effective the jewelry!)

Tip #3 Wear your magnetic jewelry consistently. Wearing it only a few hours a day or only a few days a week isn't going to make much difference. It's when you wear it everyday for the majority of the day that you will see results.

Tip #4 Be patient. While some will begin to realize a difference in how they feel within a day or two, for others, it may take up to 2 weeks of consistent wear before a change is noticed. So, if you haven't noticed your pain easing in a day or two... hang in there! Relief is still on the way!

I hope these tips are helpful to you! 

If you still have any questions or concerns about your magnetic jewelry, please do not hesitate to hit reply on this email and send them my way. I would love to help you experience the full benefits of your magnetic jewelry!

Talk to you soon!


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