The day a box of magnetic beads showed up on my doorstep.....

I've shared before my journey to finding magnetic jewelry and how much it has helped both my husband and myself. It was a real game changer for us both!

What I don't think I told you about was the day a box of magnetic beads showed up on my doorstep.

That's right, a big 'ole box of magnetic beads and I had no idea they were going to be there. It was another game changer for me!

It was around the time I was finally convinced magnetic jewelry really could help ease pain. We had started to talk about starting a business to share the power of magnetic jewelry with others, but I just wasn't sure how it was all going to work or even if we could make it work (skepticism runs deep in me! ha!).

I was still working a full time job in the IT industry. I had just picked my kids up and was pulling into the drive after a full day. As I pulled in I noticed a box on the doorstep.

After getting the kids in the house and unloading the car, I brought the box indoors. I hadn't been expecting any packages, so was a bit perplexed as to what this box could possibly contain.

As I opened it up, I discovered a box completely full of magnetic beads in all shapes, sizes, and colors! Also included were others things needed to make jewelry.... magnetic clasps, stringing material, and so much more!

You see, my husband doesn't sit and ponder things for days or months like I usually do (okay... sometimes I ponder longer than that!). He sees the possibilities and acts on it.

So, seeing all the possibilities he didn't need to think on it any longer and had just up and ordered all these beads and hadn't said a word to me about it.

Well.... now I had all these beads! No more time to think, right? It was time to act!

We spent the next few weeks going through the beads, dreaming up bracelet designs, and started putting pen to paper with all the things we needed to do to make this business idea a reality.

We spent many evenings sitting and talking through what needed to be done and then making it happen. And... the rest, as they say, is history!

Sometimes, in order to try anything new, we need to step up and just make it happen, don't we? 

Not sure if that magnetic bracelet might help to ease your pain and discomfort? Does it really hurt to just go ahead and give it a try? It costs less than medication, is non-invasive, there really are no negatives to trying. 

Were you a little skeptical before you tried magnetic jewelry? I'd love to hear about your journey to discovering magnetic jewelry and all the ways it has helped you or someone you know!

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Talk to you soon!

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