Bronze/Peridot Pearl Hematite Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

$ 18.50

Bronze Pearl Hematite Magnetic beads and Peridot Baroque Firepolish beads make up this beautiful magnetic therapy bracelet.  

Rare Earth Magnetic Clasp
BEAD SIZES: 4x7mm, 6mm, 5mm
GAUSS: 7,750 gauss (7.0" length - each additional inch adds 1,107 gauss)
BENEFITS: holistic method for easing inflammation and pain

Ease your pain with Magnetic Therapy Bracelets!  Whether you have Arthritis, Tennis Elbow, Fibromyalgia or other types of pain, these bracelets will help to relieve that pain. The magnetism in the beads help to reduce inflammation.  As inflammation is decreased, the pain associated with that inflammation also decreases.

Visit the Beads-N-Style Frequently Asked Questions and History of Magnetic Therapy pages to learn more about:

* the benefits of Magnetic Bracelets/Magnetic Therapy
* how to size your Magnetic Bracelet
* how to clean the Magnetic Hematite beads

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