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Magnetic Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces

Magnetic Jewelry to improve your healthy lifestyle! Wear regularly to ease pain and inflammation. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.
Cream Pearl Magnetic Hematite and Amethyst Fire Polished Earrings
Magnetic Therapy Alexandrite Firepolish and Hematite Bracelet
Beads-N-Style Magnetic Therapy Necklace Magnetic Therapy Necklace w/ Cross Pendant
Mint Green Pearl Hematite Magnetic Bracelet
Beads-N-Style Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pearl Hematite Magnetic Bracelet
Rainbow Magnetic Bracelet w/ Ching Hai Jade
Rainbow Magnetic Bracelet w/ Dark Turquoise Crystal
Beads-N-Style Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Rainbow Magnetic Bracelet w/ Silver and Ruby Kyanite
Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Therapy Bracelet
Regalite Jasper Magnetic Bead Ring
Beads-N-Style Magnetic Bead Ring Sapphire Firepolish Magnetic Bead Ring
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Silver Magnetic Hematite Health Bracelet
Silver Metallic Magnetic Hematite Health Bracelet
Sodalite Magnetic Hematite Therapy Bracelet
Beads-N-Style Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Unakite Jasper & Black High Power Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
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