African Turquoise and Black Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelet

$ 41.00

Ease your aching joints with this handcrafted double strand Magnetic Therapy Bracelet! Designed using Black High Power Magnetic Hematite beads and African Turquoise Semi-Precious Stones, this bracelet is as beautiful as it is functional.

Strong, Easy-to-Use Rare Earth Magnetic Clasp
BEAD SIZES: 5x12mm, 6mm, 10x10mm
GAUSS: 37,400 gauss (7.0" length - each additional inch adds 5,343 gauss)
BENEFITS: recognized for easing inflammation and pain

The hematite in the beads provides the additional benefits of providing grounding, calming and protective properties.  A great relief for those times when you feel tense or stressed.

Visit the Beads-N-Style Frequently Asked Questions and History of Magnetic Therapy pages to learn more about:

* the benefits of Magnetic Bracelets/Magnetic Therapy
* how to size your Magnetic Bracelet
* how to clean the Magnetic Hematite beads

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