Double Strand Magnetic Bracelet with Green Moss Agate

$ 32.50
SKU: BNS-5013

Double Strand Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with Black High Power Magnetic Hematite and Green Moss Agate beads.

Moss Agate brings you back to nature and allows you to breathe in the scent of pines, sunlight through the forest, and the sound of running water.

Hematite provides balancing and grounding energy. It has a protective energy and are helpful to anyone that lacks courage. Hematite also may help to stimulate the mind and encourages self-confidence and self-esteem.

* Rare Earth Magnetic Clasp
* Bead Sizes: 5mm, 6x8mm, 10x10mm
* Gauss: 36,663 gauss (7.0" length - each additional inch adds gauss)
* Bracelet Sizing: Select bracelet lengths from 6.0" to 13.0" (15.24cm to 22.86cm). Length is measured from end to end including clasp. Other lengths are available upon request.

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