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Black Tube Magnetic Hematite Necklace

$ 38.00

Start living your best life today with less pain and more energy!

You'll love this Black Hematite Magnetic Therapy Necklace! This beautiful piece is handcrafted with black tube magnetic hematite beads, each carefully selected for their therapeutic properties.

Hematite is known for its protective energy, making it a perfect choice for anyone that lacks courage. When magnetized, as these hematite beads are, additional benefits may include less pain, increased energy, and improved sleep. Whether you're looking for a natural way to reduce stress or ease pain, this necklace is a great option!

The sleek black beads are elegant and understated, making this necklace perfect for both casual and formal wear. The magnetic clasp is strong and secure, so you can wear this necklace with peace of mind.

* Rare Earth Magnetic Clasp
* Bead Sizes: 5x8mm, 5mm
* Gauss: 27,850 gauss (17.0" length)

Visit the Beads-N-Style Frequently Asked Questions and History of Magnetic Therapy pages to learn more about:
* the benefits of Magnetic Necklaces/Magnetic Therapy
* how to clean the Magnetic Hematite beads