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Black Magnetic Bracelet with African Turquoise Jasper

$ 45.55

Start living your best life today with less pain and more energy!

If you're looking for an easy way to reduce pain and anxiety, look no further than our Black Magnetic Bracelet with African Turquoise Jasper.

The magnetism in the hematite beads is recognized to ease pain, increase energy, and improve sleep.

Hematite provides a grounding and balancing energy.

African Turquoise is a type of jasper mined in Africa and treated to give it the blue-green color of turquoise. It known for its ability to bring balance and openness to the future.

Whether you're heading into a challenging situation, want to feel more at ease, or find relief from all your aches and pains, this bracelet is perfect for you.

* Strong, Easy-to-Use Rare Earth Magnetic Clasp
* Bead Sizes: 5x12mm, 6mm, 10x10mm
* Gauss: 37,400 gauss (7.0" length - each additional inch adds 5,343 gauss)
* Bracelet Sizing: Select bracelet lengths from 6.0" to 13.0" (15.24cm to 22.86cm). Length is measured from end to end including clasp. Other lengths available upon request.

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