Beads-N-Style Wholesale Policy

Beads-N-Style is a retail store that offers a wholesale discount (40% off listed retail prices) to customers with a valid re-sale or tax number from their state. Beads-N-Style is not a wholesale distributor. 

Minimum Wholesale Order is $150.00 (total wholesale price). If the amount of the order submitted is less than $100.00 (total wholesale price), you will be notified and the order will not be filled.  At that time, you may choose to increase the size of your order or cancel the order.


To purchase Wholesale, you must email Beads-N-Style with the below required information:

Your Name
Business Name
URL address if you have a website Email Address
Phone Number
Resale or Tax ID Number

A copy of your certificate of resale or tax id is also required.  This can be attached as a copy to the email or you may send the copy to us at Beads-N-Style, PO Box 294991, Lewisville, TX  75029.

Upon receipt, your business account will be created.  Upon completion, you will receive notification and will also be assigned a coupon code to use when placing your order.  This coupon code will discount your order to wholesale prices.

PLEASE NOTE:  Activating your Wholesale Account will take 1 -2 business days after receipt of your certificate of resale or tax ID.    

By submitting a valid resale or tax number to activate a wholesale account with Beads-N-Style, the customer agrees this indicates the merchandise purchased on each order is purchased for resale as tangible personal property.


Submission of this form does not guarantee that we will approve you for a wholesale account. You will not be able to order at wholesale prices until you have met the above requirements and have received notification that your wholesale account has been approved.