Black Hematite Magnetic Ring - Faceted Design

$ 11.25

Start living your best life today with less pain and more energy!

This exquisite black hematite magnetic ring with its faceted design brings together exquisite craftsmanship and the power of magnetism, offering you a stunning piece of jewelry that also has a range of health benefits. Incorporating the latest fashion trends with long-lasting health benefits, this black hematite magnetic ring is the perfect way to make a bold and beautiful statement!

Magnetic jewelry helps to....
* ease pain
* reduce inflammation
* increase energy
* improve circulation and blood flow
* improve sleep
* ease stress and anxiety

The powerful nature of the hematite used in this ring can help you feel grounded and calm, while also promoting creative thinking. It can help you unlock a world of potential - access your inner peace and creative stimulation. Give yourself the gift of a serene mind and creative fuel with the power of hematite.

* Width - 6mm
* Band thickness - 2.2mm