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Lava Rock & Fancy Agate Essential Oil Bracelet

$ 19.60 $ 28.00

Magnetic Jewelry to ease pain and help you live a fuller and more enjoyable life!

This Essential Oil Stretch Bracelet is designed with Lava Rock and Fancy Agate beads. There is also a single Antique Copper bead.

Fancy Agate is recognized as a grounding stone. It is also believed to improve mental function and to bring clarity and stability. 

BENEFITS: provides a way to diffuse your essential oils to promote uplifted moods and cognitive, psychological or physical well-being (exact benefits would vary based on the essential oil used).
HOW TO USE: Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava stone beads. As the stone soaks up the oil, the scent will be diffused for 1-2 days. When you no longer detect the scent, just add a few more drops.

The lava stone beads are completely natural, so no two will be alike and may have slight irregularities.

PLEASE NOTE: The lava stones are completely natural stones. This means each one will be slightly different and could be slightly irregular.

To learn more, visit the Beads-N-Style Aromatherapy Info Page and Top 10 List of Essential Oils.