Magnetic Bead Ring with Frosted Rhodochrosite

$ 12.75

Handcrafted Magnetic Ring with Black High Power Magnetic beads. In the center is a Frosted Rhodochrosite surrounded on either side with Crystal Rondelles.

BEAD SIZES: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
GAUSS: 8,600 gauss 
BENEFITS: Magnetic Jewelry is recognized for reducing pain, fatigue, and muscle tension. Additional benefits are improved blood circulation, energy, balance, and sleep.

Rhodochrosite is a mineral consisting of manganese carbonate, typically occurring as pink, brown, or gray rhombohedral crystals. It is recognized for providing emotional healing. It is sometimes referred to as The Stone of the Compassionate Heart.

Visit the Beads-N-Style Frequently Asked Questions and History of Magnetic Therapy pages to learn more about:

* the benefits of Magnetic Bracelets/Magnetic Therapy
* how to size your Magnetic Bracelet
* how to clean the Magnetic Hematite beads

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