Pearl Magnetic Hematite and Silver Bracelet

$ 23.00

Find relief from your aches and pains with this Magnetic Health Bracelet. It is handcrafted from Purple Metallic Pearl Magnetic Hematite and Amethyst Firepolish beads. It would make a beautiful bracelet or ankle bracelet.

Strong, Easy-to-Use Rare Earth Magnetic Clasp
BEAD SIZES: 8mm, 5mm
GAUSS: 12,618 gauss (7.0" length - each additional inch adds 1,803 gauss)
BENEFITS: helps to ease pain. Additional benefits include improved blood circulation, energy, balance, and sleep.

Magnetic Health Jewelry promotes a healthy lifestyle as it provides a holistic method for easing pain and improving overall health. Pain eases when Magnetic Jewelry is worn regularly.  The magnetism in the beads helps to realign the body's natural magnetism, reducing inflammation and the pain associated with that inflammation.

Overall health is better as the magnetism in the beads helps to improve circulation and improves blood flow thru the heart.  As this happens there is an increased amount of oxygen flowing to the organs and tissues.

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