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Hi, I'm Melanie.

From 20 years in the IT industry to starting over at 45, my mission is to support a positive and healthy life, with jewelry that eases pain, naturally.

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What our customers are saying

"Firstly, this item arrived so fast!! Secondly, I absolutely love it!!! I have three kinds of arthritis & this certainly seems to be helping me, especially with the stiffness & aching of my joints. Such a great purchase!! I plan to purchase more myself!!! Beautiful jewelry with a useful purpose!!! Thank you so much!!!
Danielle R.
"I bought two, one for a friend and one for myself. I love mine and the first day wearing it felt so much better. Aches and pains seem not so intense. I will be wearing this everyday. Bracelet was just what I expected and arrived quickly. I'm thinking of ordering again for an anklet. Glad I found Beads-N-Style!"
Cheryl S.
"This is the best Bracelet for pain I have ever tried. Would highly recommend this to anyone who lives with pain constantly. "
Melanie S.
"Love, love, love this rainbow color. So pretty! Really makes a difference with pain in my wrist. Very dainty and comfortable to wear. Got here so quickly!"
Julie H.
Do Magnetic Necklaces Work Wonders for Pain?

Do Magnetic Necklaces Work Wonders for Pain?

About a year or so after my husband and I started Beads-N-Style, I met a man named Mike.

I had been invited to the business where Mike worked to share about magnetic jewelry and provide Mike and his co-workers the opportunity to create their own magnetic jewelry. Kind of like a tupperware party where I shared and then they were able to purchase magnetic jewelry. The only difference being they were able to go through my magnetic beads and create their own custom piece of jewelry.

Mike created a custom magnetic necklace for himself. I don't remember the beads he chose or the length of the necklace or even how much it cost.

BUT.... here is what I do remember.

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Live your best life with magnetic jewelry

Live your best life with magnetic jewelry

I remember how I felt before I discovered magnetic jewelry.

I have arthritis in my ankles and there were many days that I walked around in pain.

I worked a full time job that many days required me to be on my feet quite a bit.

I had two small children that kept me on my feet ALOT.

It was hard! I didn't feel great and the struggle was real!

But.... how have I felt since I discovered magnetic jewelry?

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Getting the most out of your magnetic jewelery

Getting the most out of your magnetic jewelery

I've owned a Fitbit for several years and always liked how I could track the number of steps I take in a day and set step goals for each day.

Goals are big motivators for me, so to be able to see throughout the day how far along I am in meeting my goal really keeps me moving.

A couple of years ago, I started thinking about replacing my Fitbit with an Apple Watch. I liked how it would integrate with my iPhone and knew it had an exercise tracking app, too.

My husband bought me one for my birthday last year and I was thrilled!

But, imagine my dismay when I discovered I couldn't set goals for the number of steps I took each day! 

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