Beads-N-Style Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are the benefits of therapeutic magnetic jewelry and how does it work?

A.  Wearing magnetic jewelry is a form of magnetic therapy and is a natural, holistic method for alleviating pain and discomfort.  Magnetic therapy has been around since 2000 BC and is rooted in Chinese medicinal practices.

The magnetism in the beads helps to increase blood flow in the area where the magnetic jewelry is worn. When blood flow is increased, large amounts of fresh oxygen, nutrients and hormones are distributed to that area of the body.  With this new and rich supply of oxygen and nutrients, any injuries or ailments that may exist in this area of the body dissipates and heals.

The increased blood flow also helps with blood flow through the heart. This results in increased oxygen moving to organs and tissues in the body.  Blood flow and circulation is improved and this helps to regulate blood pressure. With an improved flow of blood, you'll find your energy levels are better and your overall general health is improved.

Please be aware that magnetic jewelry DOES NOT cure ailments.  It is only used to treat the symptoms of a particular ailment.

Magnetic Jewelry has been found to be helpful for the following conditions:
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Osteoarthritis Fibromyalgia
Repetitive Strain Injury
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
High Blood Pressure
Tennis Elbow
Reynaud's Disease
Poor Circulation

Q.  How long until I see results?

A.  Results will vary from person to person.  Some people will notice a change in 48 hours and for others it could be 2 weeks.  All should see a difference within 4-6 weeks.  During this initial period, magnetic jewelry should be worn 7 days a week and at least 12 hours a day, if possible.  The more consistently the jewelry is worn, the more consistent and noticeable will be the results.

Q.  Is it safe to wear magnetic jewelry?

A.  Wearing magnetic jewelry is a completely safe, drug free way to manage pain.  There are no adverse side effects and it is safe to wear any number of magnets -- or magnetic jewelry items -- at any magnetic strength.

There have been rare cases reported where there was a redness on the skin or slight bruising where the magnetic jewelry was worn.  A warm feeling on the skin where the magnets were worn has also been reported during the first few days the jewelry is worn. These have all been attributed to the increased circulation of blood caused by the magnets and compare to an improvement in circulation that comes with exercise. If you experience any of these and they do not resolve in 24-48 hours, then magnetic jewelry may not be for you.

PLEASE NOTE:  Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by persons with implantable pacemakers, defibrillators, infusion pumps or other electromechanical devices and should be kept at least 18" away from these devices. Magnetic jewelry should not be worn during pregnancy.


Q. What is gauss?

A. Gauss is used in determining the overall power of a magnet.  It is the term for magnet strength and is interpreted as the surface reading or the potential of the magnetic material in a closed circuit.  What you receive when wearing magnetic jewelry is the surface reading and is also how Beads-N-Style lists the gauss on each product.

When purchasing your new magnetic jewelry, you do want to ensure the strength of the magnetic beads is powerful enough to penetrate the skin. Be sure to only wear jewelry that is 800 gauss or greater.  Any less and it is likely you will not receive the benefits provided by the magnets. If the gauss is greater than 800, you should receive even greater benefits. There is no need to be concerned about the gauss being too high as magnets are safe and do not have any adverse side effects.



Q. What is hematite/magnetic hematite?

A. Hematite in its natural form is Iron Oxide with small amounts of Titanium.  It is found in black, gray to silver gray, brown to reddish brown or red.  Gemstone quality hematite is an opaque stone that looks similar to metal. While natural hematite does have some natural magnetism, it is usually not enough to measure.  Natural hematite is rare and very expensive to mine.

Magnetic hematite is a composite material made up of natural hematite, magnetite and small amounts of other minerals such as copper, titanium and aluminum.  The resulting material can be permanently magnetized -- unlike natural hematite.

Magnetic hematite is produced by heating a powdered mixture of the above materials, blending them together, pressing them into the desired shape (pendants, beads, etc), then heating the shapes in a way that bonds the material.  Once they have cooled, the finished shape is reheated inside an external electromagnetic field to give it a permanent magnetism.

Magnetic hematite and natural hematite looks and reacts to tests very similarly. It even has the same chemical composition.  The result is that it is very hard to tell the two apart.


Q.  What size bracelet or anklet should I purchase?

A.  This is an important question.  If the bracelet doesn't fit correctly, a large percentage of the power will be lost leaving you with a bracelet that is not effective.  Your new magnetic bracelet should fit snugly, but not tightly.  If the bracelet is too loose, you will lose some of the power of the magnets.  If the bracelet is too tight, it could cause your arm or hand to swell.

To ensure you get the right fit, first measure your wrist with a tape measure.  Wrap it leaving the tape measure flat and tight around your wrist.  Then, add 1/2 inch to the measurement.  This should allow for a snug fit, but also give you room for a bit of a gap giving your wrist some "breathing room".


Q.  Do magnetic hematite beads require special care?

A.  Your magnetic hematite jewelry should be removed before showering, bathing, or swimming.  Chlorine and salt water may damage the beads.  Do not put in any type of jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning machines.  To clean magnetic hematite jewelry, wipe with a damp cloth using a mild soap, use a rinse cloth to wipe off the soap, and then wipe dry.


Q.  Does Beads-N-Style take orders for custom jewelry?

A.  Yes, if you would like to discuss a custom design, contact by phone at 855-255-2323 or by email at

Q.  Is there a warranty on jewelry from Beads-N-Style?

A.  Yes.  Beads-N-Style will warranty the breakage of the copolymer line (on which the beads are strung) for the lifetime of the bracelet.  For inquiries on return and replacement, contact via email at