Do Magnetic Necklaces Work Wonders for Pain?

About a year or so after my husband and I started Beads-N-Style, I met a man named Mike.

I had been invited to the business where Mike worked to share about magnetic jewelry and provide Mike and his co-workers the opportuntiy to create their own magnetic jewerly. Kind of like a tupperware party where I shared and then they were able to purchase magnetic jewelry. The only difference being they were able to go through my magnetic beads and create their own custom piece of jewelry.

Mike created a custom magnetic necklace for himself. I don't remember the beads he chose or the length of the necklace or even how much it cost.

BUT.... here is what I do remember. Several years prior to when we met that day, Mike had walked in on a home burglary and had been shot in the neck by the burglar. Since that time he had been living with quite a bit of pain on a daily basis. 

The owner of the business that had invited me was an acquaintance. Our children went to the same school and I saw her there the day after I had visited and shared with them all about magnetic jewelry. She was so excited that morning! She shared with me that by the end of the day Mike was amazed at how much better his neck already felt after wearing the necklace for just a few hours. On top of that, she told me that everyone in the office could see how much better he felt. She said that, for the time since he had been shot, his neck was straighter and you could tell by how he moved that he didn't hurt nearly as much as he had the previous day.

Can you even imagine how much better he must have felt? It is so freeing to be rid of pain that you have lived with day in and day out for years! 

This is what I hope all my customers experience when they wear magnetic jewerly from Beads-N-Style. I want you experience the joy of living without debilitating pain. I want you to be able to do all the things you love.... without it hurting, without it being uncomfortable, and without you starting to do something and then realizing you can't because it just hurts too much.

Beads-N-Style Magnetic Necklaces will help to ease neck pain, headaches, upper back pain and, in some cases, lower back pain. Check them out today and take that step towards a life with a lot less pain and a whole lot more freedom!

If you have a story of how magnetic jewelry has helped you, let me know! I will never stop wanting to hear your stories!

If you have questions about how magnetic jewerly works or how it can help you ease your pain and discomfort, let me know that, too. I want to help you find ways to live a better, more full life that doesn't involve pain. Just hit reply on this email and ask all your questions. I'll get right back to you just as quickly as I can.

Talk to you soon!

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