Hematite & Red Czech Glass Magnetic Earrings

$ 10.75

Start living your best life today with less pain and more energy!

These magnetic earrings are handcrafted with black high power magnetic hematite beads, red czech glass beads, and antique copper spacer beads. You'll be mesmerized by their striking combination of earthy tones and antique copper.

These earrings feature the perfect combination of strength and beauty, with strategically placed magnetic hematite beads and beautiful czech glass beads that will make any look stand out. Slip them on and you'll be ready to make a bold statement in any situation!

Magnetic jewelry helps to....
* ease pain
* reduce inflammation
* increase energy
* improve circulation and blood flow
* improve sleep
* ease stress and anxiety

Hematite is known for its ability to provide balancing and grounding energy, while also protecting the wearer from negative energy. It's the perfect stone for anyone who lacks courage or suffers from low self-esteem. Hematite is the go-to stone for anyone looking to manifest their goals, build courage, and create a positive mindset. Unlock its powerful potential and feel the strength and stability it provides.

Magnetic earrings shipped in a pretty organza bag that is perfect for gift giving.

* Antique Copper French Ear Wires
* Bead Sizes: 6mm, 4mm
* Gauss: 700 gauss