Magnetic Jewelry to Ease Pain & Build Memories

Some of my best memories are with my grandparents.

I have been blessed with the most wonderful grandparents that lived well into my adult years. Both my grandfathers lived long enough to know my oldest child and both my grandmothers lived to know both my children. My last living grandparent just passed away this last year at the extraordinary age of 103.

All my grandparents were active in my life and the lives of my sisters and cousins. They loved us well! And their great-grandchildren.... oh, my goodness! It was so special to be able to call my grandparents and tell them when I was expecting both my children. They were ecstatic!

When my oldest was born, we took him to visit my grandparents. My sisters met us there with their toddlers. I vividly remember my grandmother -- in her early eighties -- getting down on the floor to play with her great-grandchildren.

I also vividly remember thinking -- I hope I'm able to get down on the floor with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren when I'm that same age and older.

I still hope I'm able to do that in my eighties. But, you know what? Even though I'm not quite there yet, already it's not as easy to get up and down from the floor as it was 5-10 years ago.

But, here's what I also know. My magnetic jewelry helps to make it easier to get up and down from that floor. It eases my aching joints so I'm able to move easier so that when I do have grandkids, I'll be able to enjoy them more and maybe even get down on the floor to play with them.

What about you? Does magnetic jewelry help you to move easer and to feel better all over?

Here's to all of us be able to ease our aches and pains and spending more time with our grandchildren building memories!

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