The Key is Consistency

Last week I was listening to a business related podcast that talked about being consistent.

When running any business, whether big or small, it is soooo important to be consistent in the quality of products or services offered, in marketing, in customer service, and so on. If these tasks are not done on a regular basis, the business can't grow, customers aren't aware of the business, and there is no trust between the business and the customers.

We all know that being consistent is important for many things in this life... not just for running a business. Depending on what you are doing, being consistent helps to build discipline and self-control, to build a higher level of trust, to create accountability, and to help you stand out or to be noticed.

But, did you know that consistency is also important when you wear magnetic jewelry?

In order for magnetic jewelry to successfully ease pain, it must be worn consistently. It should be worn every day. Not necessarily 24 hours a day, but consistently each day during the daytime, evening, or both.

(A QUICK SIDENOTE: While you do not have to wear magnetic jewelry at night, you may find it helpful if your pain disrupts your sleep or if you just do not sleep well. In addition to easing pain, magnetic jewelry also helps to improve sleep.)

You want to be particularly conscious of wearing your magnetic jewelry consistently when you first begin wearing it. Some will find relief within 24 hours and for others it may take 2-3 weeks before you notice a change. But, hang in there, and keep wearing it consistently and you should see a change within those first few weeks.

How long did it take for you to begin to notice your magnetic jewelry helping to ease your pain or improve your sleep? I'd love to hear more about your experience with magnetic jewelry.

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