Stay in shape with less pain

I've always been a walker. It's really my favorite way to stay in shape, spend time outdoors, and clear my head.

I love a nice long walk, on a beautiful spring day, exploring the nature trails in my community. On cold days, or busy work days, I've even created a circular pass through the main level of my house that I walk while watching my favorite TV show or listening to my favorite music.

BUT..... back when I first discovered I had arthritis in my ankles, that all came to a hard stop! 

Any walking over 5-10 minutes and it became uncomfortable. 15-20 minutes and I was down. Stopped dead in my tracks.

This is where the wonders of magnetic jewelry came in. Once my husband brought home that first magnetic bracelet and I discovered how much it helped to ease the pain in my ankles, guess what happened?

You got it! I was able to get out and start up all that walking again. And I'm still at it 14 years later. Don't know what I would do if I couldn't get my walking in every day!

What about you? How has Magnetic Jewelry allowed you to stay in shape, exercise more, and just be more active in general? Let me know.... I love to hear from you!

Talk to you soon!

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